The Caujolle’s house

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The mansion illustrated on this new 750 XPF stamp issue is named after Mr Caujolle, a surveyor who arrived in New Caledonia on board the Sybille on 3 February 1873.

The Pentientiary Authorities commissioned Caujolle to draw maps of the Koné (Koohnê) region during the 1880s. He became the owner of several properties there, including "La Pomémie" where he hired convict labour to build this elegant stone mansion complete with a stable, a bread oven, a sawmill and barns to store farm produce.

In 1927 the Caujolle mansion was bought by Ballande company manager Henri Martin, who converted the property into a coffee farm. Mining prospector Maxime Gibert purchased the mansion in 1965 and it later became the property of Dr. Calen. In the 1980s, Dr. Calen undertook some restoration work and had the surrounding veranda built. The North Province purchased the property in 2001 and had it listed as an historic monument. In 2002, it became the headquarters of the North Province Cultural Department.

The mansion has now been reborn as the "Pomémie Cultural Centre" and is a showcase for North Province cultural diversity and a forum for community interaction and art projects. Major extension and redesign work has been completed since 2011 (new display room, outdoor stage...) and the Centre hosts a variety of artistic and cultural events throughout the year: artist-in-residency programs, exhibitions, shows, concerts...

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