New Caledonian youth is committed

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New Caledonian youth is committed



OPT-NC has launched a new issue on the theme of "New Caledonian youth is committed". To illustrate this, the Office chose two established New Caledonian artists pour leur talent et leur influence: Camille Lincoln for the stamp with a face value of 210 CFP francs and Marie M for the first-day cover.


An increasingly committed New Caledonian youth


Young people animate community life in New Caledonia in many ways. They are also involved within institutions. This is particularly the case through the Junior Municipal Councils, which some municipalities such as Noumea, Mont-Dore, Bourail and La Foa have created. Elected by their peers, junior municipal councillors work on many diverse projects such as the fight against violence, well-being at school or safety issues. It should be noted that the Junior Municipal Council of Noumea celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022. For the oldest, from the 24 public and private New Caledonian high schools, they are involved in the Youth Congress where they work in commissions on themes specific to youth.  


Two women, two generations


Two artists with very different styles but who share the same passion for colour participated in this new issue.  Despite her young age and although Camille Lincoln has only recently embarked on the great path of professionalism, she is already recognized as a major artist both in New Caledonia and abroad. She specialises in large formats and a technique dear to the hearts of both impressionists and aboriginal artists: pointillism. With delicacy and refinement, and using colour with talent, Camille offers a fresh vision of New Caledonia’s magnificent landscapes.  Marie Murtini, who signs herself Marie M, has been present in the New Caledonian artistic landscape for more than 20 years, both as a painter and as an author.  Humanity, sometimes presented naively, is at the heart of her work. She knows so well how to illustrate humanity in her choice of colours and shapes all of which exude joy, hope and optimism.


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