Merry Christmas 2022 and Best Wishes!

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OPT-NC is getting into the Christmas and the new year spirit with this new series of stamps (in a plate of 25) with permanent validity for international use. It brings together the emblem of New Caledonia, our famous cagou, and OPT’s postal services. The pen of the illustrator and graphic designer Isabelle Ritzenthaler has given the idea life so that New Caledonians could say Merry Christmas and offer their best wishes to the whole world. 


From cable-laying to postal services  

In 2022 OPT worked with determination to reduce the digital divide in New Caledonia thereby confirming its key role as the communication vector. In addition, this year has seen the undertaking of some important investments by OPT-NC, in particular, the commissioning last August of the Gondwana-2 and Picot-2 submarine cables, thus guaranteeing the security of New Caledonia’s connection to the global Internet and significantly broadening development prospects.  At the same time, with the publication of this series of stamps, OPT-NC shows that in this digital age, it does not forget its primary activity of providing postal services, a reminder also of the tradition of sharing and exchanging on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.  

Add some New Caledonian glitter to your end-of-year mail 


Isabelle Ritzenthaler has been based in New Caledonia since 1994.  She has built a reputation both in the world of art and also in the environmental world, a cause which is dear to her heart, as well as in the running of the CIE (The Environmental Initiation Centre), and equally the natural parks of New Caledonia’s South Province. Isabelle Ritzenthaler has illustrated many children's books and her work is appreciated by museums, the Tjibaou Centre, and also theatre and cinema. She did not hide her joy at having been selected by OPT-NC to illustrate this series of stamps.  This is a first for Isabelle, even if the cagou is a theme that she has already had the opportunity to develop in many of her other illustrations.  

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