New red Kagu Chung 2022

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Current series Kagu 2022


For the latest series dedicated to the Kagu, OPT-NC organized a competition open to all New Caledonian residents over 18 years of age.


This type of competition, the last of which dates from 2016, is always very popular, and this year was no exception with 28 artists competing on the theme of the Kagu, emblem of New Caledonia.


On August 5, a jury composed of representatives of OPT-NC and the philatelic commission of New Caledonia met to decide between the participants in the new Cagou issue for this latest series. And it was the work of young Chloé Chung that won most votes.


A multifaceted artist


An executive assistant in real estate, Chloé is passionate about creative hobbies that range from drawing to photography and including watercolour and resin.   She even put together a first collection of illustrations at the beginning of the year (under the name Marjolaine Illustration) whose sale proceeds were donated to the association that she created "Tous en cœur NC" (All for the Heart) and whose  vocation  is the running of creative leisure workshops.  Chloé Chung, who is considering the possibility of launching more professionally into illustration or art in general, lacks neither talent nor enthusiasm.  As she commented "In any case, it makes me very happy that my design was liked and it encourages me to progress my idea of professionalizing myself; and I am happy to have had the opportunity to add my personal contribution to the philatelic history of my country."

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0 × 20 × 26 mm
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