Tribute to New Caledonia’s first National Assembly delegate : Roger Noël GERVOLINO (1909-1991)

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Roger Noël Gervolino was born on 17 December in Noumea.

His commitment to the Free French movement at the start of World War II led him to embark on a career in politics.  He was one of the “five musketeers" who challenged the Vichy regime and enlisted in the Pacific Battalion, one of the principal units of the Free French Forces (FFL) during World War II. They fought bravely at the Battle of Bir Hakeim where, hugely outnumbered, they helped fight off Rommel, the Desert Fox; they saw action at Mount Girofano against Kesselring, at the landing in Provence...

Looking ahead to final victory, the National Council of the Resistance appointed him to the Provisional Consultative Assembly in Algiers on 3 November 1943 as New Caledonia’s first delegate. At the time, it was essential to establish the Free French military as an Allied forces partner on the international scene.  

Following the liberation of Paris, Roger Gervolino was confirmed as delegate at the Consultative Assembly session on 7 November 1944 at the Palais du Luxembourg.

On 4 July 1945, he was appointed to serve as a jury member at the official “purification” trials which began with that of Marshal Pétain.

With peace declared, elections were once again held in New Caledonia.

As a member of the Democratic and Socialist Union of the Resistance (UDSR), along with French flying ace Pierre Clostermann, Gervolino was elected to the 1st National Constituent Assembly on 21 October 1945 by 3,249 votes, beating Michel Verges (1,961 votes) and Florindo Paladini (537 votes).

He was re-elected to the 2nd National Constituent Assembly on 2 June 1946 by 3,248 votes, beating Pierre Mariotti (1,789 votes), then re-elected to the National Assembly on 20 November 1946 by 3,512 votes, beating Antoine Griscelli (1,673 votes).

He was one of the founders of FIDES (Investment Fund for Economic and Social Development in French Overseas Colonies). He opposed devaluing the French Pacific franc and ensured its relationship to the French franc was stabilised at 5.5.

Roger Gervolino died on 21 April 1991 at the age of 82.

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