Champignons de Nouvelle-Calédonie 2022

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On April 11, OPT-NC will publish the third and last part of its series on the theme of New Caledonian mushrooms. Realised with the help of the Caledonian Mycology Society , the layout and design of the "First Day" cover is by Denis Vigier, a passionate mycologist.


For nearly 15 years, the Mycology Society of New Caledonia (which has about fifty members) has aimed to encourage and spread the study of mushrooms in New Caledonia.   The SMNC regularly organizes expeditions to discover new species, endemic or not, "we published a naturalistic guide to the common mushrooms of New Caledonia in mid-2021 which we sell, and we are slowly developing a book grouping the species that are found in New Caledonia. In addition, our association is now eligible to benefit from sponsorship," says Philippe Bourdeau, its vice-president.


Two specimens with an original appearance


For these two new OPT-NC stamps, we first discover the Anthracophyllum archeri which is part of the omphalotaceae family and can be found throughout the intertropical zone. Its fan-shaped underside has strips ranging from orange to red-brown while the upper part resembles a seashell of beige to light orange colour. This humid forest saprophytic fungus grows on dead wood that it breaks down. The second, Ileodyction sp. is a rare fungus. It is born from a kind of egg of gelatinous consistency, and at maturity produces a form of openwork cage. It is one of the few species that separates itself from its base. In addition, this fungus’s bright green colour, very similar to that of the nickel in the soil of the maquis where it was observed, will undoubtedly catch your eye.

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