New Caledonia’s palm trees and conifers

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To help raise public awareness and promote biodiversity preservation in the New Caledonian archipelago, OPT-NC is proud to present this new 120 XPF stamp issue dedicated to New Caledonia’s endemic palm trees and conifers.


Designed by Jean-Paul Véret-Lemarinier, the stamp features five species representing most of the island’s natural land habitats: the Lifou Palm (Cyphophoenix nucele), the Comboui Pine (Callitris sulcata), the Tao Pine (Clinosperma macrocarpa), the Column Pine (Araucaria luxurians) and the White Kauri (Agathis moorei).


Did you know that New Caledonia boasts 45 conifer species, of which 42 are endemic, and 39 palm species, of which an astonishing 38 are endemic, but that most of these species are critically endangered?  The main threats they face are bush fires, mining operations, illegal logging and the proliferation of invasive animal species, all of which lead to habitat loss and prevent the regeneration of these magnificent                    trees. Moreover, the extremely limited distribution of some species, such as the Lifou Palm, the Tao Palm and the Comboui Pine, makes them even more susceptible to threats.


Since 2009, the Noé Association, in partnership with local stakeholders, has been heading a program for the protection of New Caledonia’s palm trees and conifers. Measures include awareness raising initiatives, establishing inventories and mapping stands, restoring damaged habitats, campaigns to eradicate invasive species and setting up nurseries to boost and strengthen existing palm and conifer stands.


If you’d like to get in contact with the Noé Association and support their work, you’ll find their website at:

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