"Maison du Combattant" Jubilee 1964-2014

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This new 150 XPF stamp issue commemorates the jubilee (50th anniversary) of the "Maison du Combattant" (Veterans' Centre) located at 52 bis avenue Foch prolongée in Noumea.

The "Maison du Combattant", erected at the site of the former Mount Bérard army powder magazine, on land owned by the City of Noumea, was inaugurated on 16 May 1964 in the presence of Mr Jean Sainteny, Minister for Veterans' Affairs, and members of the New Caledonia Veterans Friendly Society and the Association des Français Volontaires de la France Libre (Free French Forces Association).

The French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War, the New Caledonia Territorial Assembly and the City of Noumea authorities had the Centre built as a tangible expression of their wish to pay tribute to New Caledonia's war veterans and to provide them and patriotic associations with a meeting place suited to their needs.

The "Maison du Combattant" is the property of the French National Office for Veterans and Victims of War (ONACVG) and the ground floor of the Centre houses the ONACVG's New Caledonia office.

ONAVCG is a public body under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence and is responsible for providing moral and material support to its constituents.  It also helps in preserving the memories of war veterans by hosting exhibitions and, since 1991, has been in charge of the "Oeuvre Nationale du Bleuet de France" (France's remembrance charity) which raises funds to provide care and support to serving members of the armed forces, veterans and their families.

For further information, call the "Maison du Combattant" on 27 28 77

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