Le Cagou Philatelic Club celebrates 70th anniversary

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OPT-NC is delighted to announce the issue of this new 75 XPF stamp, designed by Jean-Richard Lisiak and marking the 70th anniversary of Le Cagou Philatelic Club.


Since its foundation in Noumea on 27 May 1947 by twenty enthusiasts united by their passion for stamps and the history of the postal service and telecommunications, Le Cagou Club volunteers have spared no effort in promoting New Caledonian stamps and stamp collection by holding frequent exhibitions, stamp swaps and Stamp Days... and by taking part in annual shows such as the Paris Autumn Stamp Fair, where they been represented at the OPT-NC booth since 2002. The club has also partnered OPT-NC in launching and organising the annual Stamp Collectors Fair held in Noumea Townhall for the last 17 years.


One of New Caledonia's oldest established clubs and associations, Le Cagou Philatelic Club, chaired since 1997 by Alfred Roire, currently boasts 170 active members and supporters resident in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.


Every year, Le Cagou plays an active part in selecting the stamps issued by OPT-NC, and also publishes a quarterly bulletin focussing on the club and its activities, the latest stamp collecting news and the postal history of the French Pacific territories. To date, 79 bulletins and 28 special editions have been published. In addition, the Club regularly issues event covers designed for its members (around 20 per year), together with special postcards.


As a member of the Fédération Française des Associations Philatéliques (Federation of French Philatelic Societies), the Club also organises meetings preceded by stamp swaps in Noumea. They are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month and are open to all.


It is noteworthy that the first day of issue for this commemorative stamp will coincide with the Oceania Day event held every year by Le Cagou at New Caledonia House in Paris. Oceania Day is scheduled for 8 November 2017, the day before the official opening of the Paris Autumn Fair, and a host of members from France, New Caledonia and other Pacific Territories will be in attendance.


If you’d like to join up and learn more about club activities, check out the club’s website: www.cagouphila.nc


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