La philatélie à l’école

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OPT-NC is proud to present three striking new postage stamps entirely designed and drawn by New Caledonian primary school children!

Throughout the 2014 school year, children at primary schools all over the country were invited to take part in a drawing competition with the theme "New Caledonia's natural and cultural treasures". The initiative, organised in partnership with Le Cagou Stamp Club, the New Caledonia Central Office of School Cooperatives (OCCE) and Alliance Champlain, was designed as a fun way of giving the younger generation a new taste for traditional letter writing and, as a natural consequence, of sparking an interest in stamp collecting.

These stamps showcase the three best drawings, selected by a panel of judges comprising Le Cagou Stamp Club President Alfred Roire, OPT Philatelic Office Director Laure Recasens, illustrator and graphic designer Jean-Jacques Mahuteau, Alliance Champlain President Daniel Miroux, Eric Meunier and Dominique Goyetche, respectively President and General Secretary of the OCCE, and Mina Vilayleck of the IRD.

The diptych of stamps was created from drawings by Emmanuelle Hnawang and Thomas Bodeouarou, members of the CM2 B class at Mauricette-Devambez primary school in Noumea, while the third stamp (out of stock) was created from a drawing by Eliot-Lucas Hatterer, a CM1 C class pupil at Heinrich-Ohlen primary school in Païta.

The best drawings will be on show at the Salon des Collectionneurs postage stamp show, to be held on 5, 6 & 7 June 2015 in the Noumea Townhall Hall of Honour (admission free). The classes of the three winners will receive books of OPT stamps. The five top artists will receive prize items with a postage stamp theme. The awards ceremony will take place during the postage stamp show.

Huge congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the children and teachers who took part in the project!

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36 × 26 × 0 mm