Joyeux Noël 2014 et Meilleurs Vœux

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- "Awa!", voilà Noël qui approche, je suis "fin" content!

- "Aouh!", j’espère qu’il y aura des cadeaux "à bloc". (French as spoken in the New Caledonian bush – very roughly translated: Would you believe it! It’s almost Christmas, I'm well chuffed. Can’t wait! Hope there'll be tons of presents).

(See glossary of local expressions below)


This could easily be what Dédé and Tonton Marcel are saying. They are well-known characters from the hilarious "La Brousse en Folie" series of satiric cartoons, created by Bernard Berger and hugely popular in New Caledonia for the last thirty years.


The disreputable pair of outback buddies arrives on horseback, bringing a few gifts, to join in the merry-making and throw themselves into the Christmas Eve "kaï kaï". To make sure their families all have a "caisse à ignames" filled to the brim, the pair have been off to the bush to "faire leur viande", down to the lagoon for a "coup de pêche" and over to the creek to "piquer" a good supply of "crevettes de creek" in the mountains.


Back in the kitchen, their jovial womenfolk - Mimine and Joséphine - are undoubtedly up to their elbows in cooking up a tasty pot of "cornes molles", "dawa" or "saumonée"... or perhaps this time it's a mouth-watering "bougna"!


Send a real taste of New Caledonian humour to your family and friends this Christmas with this new 110 XPF stamp issue, proudly presented by OPT New Caledonia!


Glossary of local expressions: "Awa": expression of surprise; "fin": very; "Aouh": expression of longing; "à bloc": in large quantities; "kaï kaï": feast or blow-out; "caisse à ignames": belly; "faire sa viande": hunt; "un coup de pêche": a fishing trip; "piquer": fish with a spear or a gun; "crevettes de creek": freshwater prawns; "cornes molles": deer with antlers that are still soft; "dawa": Bluespine Unicornfish; "saumonée": coral trout; "bougna" traditional Kanak slow-cooked stew made with taro, yams, meat or fish, simmered in coconut milk and baked in banana leaves.

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