2014 NC LANDSCAPE : Drowned Forest

190 FCFP 1,59 €



These new stamp issues pay tribute to the landscapes and animals of New Caledonia and showcase stunning photographs shot by Pierre-Alain Pantz, Pierre Laboute Pierre Sebastien Merion.

The 110 XPF stamp shows a golden damselfish, a member of the Pomacentridae family found in abundance on reef walls among soft corals and sea fans. This damselfish is bright yellow to gold in colour and sometimes has pearly white shading on the belly. The spiny dorsal fin and anal and caudal fins shade into translucence at the tips.

The 120 XPF stamp features a horned parakeet, a species endemic to New Caledonia. It is listed as a vulnerable species and protected by New Caledonian law. Its preferred habitat is humid pine forest but it sometimes occurs on tribal lands, in niaouli savanna woodland or at the edge of heathland scrub. This large brilliant green parakeet is most notable for its long violet blue tail and its crest crowned by two or three wispy, black, red-tipped feathers.

The 75 XPF stamp shows an aerial view of the Grand Récif de Koné, a vast stretch of reef running between Pindaï and Gatope peninsulas, giving Koné lagoon its distinctive outline. Koné lagoon is relatively shallow and its dominant feature is a large reef flat known as the Koniène plateau.

Finally, the 190 XPF stamp features an aerial view of the Drowned Forest in New Caledonia's Deep South. This eerie forest is a magnet for visitors and a famous feature of the vast reservoir lake created by Yaté dam. It lies within Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue nature reserve.

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