1979-2019: AVH New Caledonia 40th anniversary

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1979-2019: AVH New Caledonia 40th anniversary


OPC-NC is delighted to present this new 75 XPF stamp issue marking the 40th anniversary of Association Valentin Haüy, which provides help and support to blind and visually impaired people in New Caledonia.


Designed by Jean-Richard Lisiak and produced in collaboration with AVH, this unique stamp has been offset printed and embossed so it can be read by visually impaired people. “AVH 40th anniversary” appears on the stamp and on the surround of the illustrated cover, which also features the Braille alphabet.


Founded in 1979 by Emma Meyer (1910-1987), a nurse who became New Caledonia’s first social worker and lost her sight at the end of her life, AVH has been committed for four decades to defending the rights of visually impaired people and to improving their quality of life.  


With Richard Fournier as President and Virginie Antoine as coordinator, the AVH educational team, housed in premises in Vallée des Colons, are on hand from Monday to Friday to provide support and advice to blind and visually impaired citizens, helping with administrative formalities, teaching adaptive techniques designed to make life easier, and inviting people to join outings and fun, sports and cultural activities. The AVH occupational centre, which is also equipped with an audio library, provides a friendly place where people can meet, chat and share experiences.


AVH receives support from local institutions, municipalities and various public and private partners but would be unable to continue its work without dedicated and generous volunteers. For further information or to become an AVH volunteer or helper, contact the Valentin Haüy Committee, 28 rue Charleroi, Vallée des Colons (Noumea). Tel: 24 11 15

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