Green Nickel

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Commitment to Environmental Protection in the Nickel Industry
The nickel industry, a pillar of the local economy, is expected to play a major role in the production of the batteries necessary for the global energy transition. However, this activity has long left deep ecological traces in New Caledonia, affecting nature and populations. To remedy these impacts, being able to produce “Green Nickel” becomes an imperative, leading to a reorientation towards more environmentally friendly, better integrated and more sustainable mining and industrial practices.
Green Nickel: an ecological and societal approach
The concept of Nickel Vert embodies a vision that includes both ecological and societal dimensions.
Historically, traditional nickel extraction in New Caledonia has had substantial repercussions on ecosystems and inhabitants. Faced with this reality, more and more mining players are taking action to rehabilitate their operating sites. These reforestation operations result in the reintroduction of local plants which support the stabilization of the soil, the restoration of biodiversity and the regulation of hydrological cycles.
Local populations are included in these approaches which enable the development of an economic sector.
Furthermore, the main medium and long term objective is to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from the mining industry by adopting cleaner energy sources and optimizing their use. This transition towards more sustainable practices also promotes the protection of biodiversity by minimizing deforestation and preserving natural habitats.
The commitment to Green Nickel thus reflects a proactive response to the ecological and societal challenges that the Nickel industry must respond to. Although faced with technical and economic challenges, Green Nickel offers a promising vision of the future, where harmonious coexistence between industry, ecosystems and local communities is not only possible, but also essential for a sustainable tomorrow.

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