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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the inscription of New Caledonia's lagoons as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the CEN, OPT-NC and the Local Education Authority of New Caledonia have organised a special “let’s draw our lagoon” competition.

2008-2018... it’s been 10 years since “The Lagoons of New Caledonia: Reef Diversity and Associated Ecosystems” were inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. To mark the anniversary, the New Caledonia Natural Areas Conservancy (CEN), in partnership with OPT-NC and the Local Education Authority of New Caledonia, launched a “let’s draw our lagoon” competition designed to get secondary school students more involved in the conservation of our lagoons and reef systems. Aimed at Year 7 and Year 8 students at state and private schools in New Caledonia, the competition ran from 7 July to 12 October 2018.

On Thursday 25 October 2018, the designs featured on the stamp and first day covers were chosen from around 250 entries (47 classes took part) by a jury comprising 8 members drawn from the CEN, OPT-NC, the New Caledonia Institute for Research and Development (IRD) and the Local Education Authority.

The winners, all female, included Lorraine Ytirrup, a Year 8 student at Tuband College, whose drawing won 3rd prize and Thérys Sejean, a Year 7 student at Dumbéa sur Mer College, who carried off the 2nd prize. The 1st prize was awarded equally to two Year 7 students at Paiamboué College in Koné, Thaïs Sallaberry and Jasmine Bulteau.

The prizes for the three winning designs included exclusive 10th anniversary print tee shirts and a range of goodies, some stamp-themed and some contributed by the competition partners.

The 1st and 2nd prize winners will, of course, be presented with the stamp bearing their design and the first day cover on 14 March 2019, the day of issue.

Congratulations to all the budding artists and a big thank you to the schools and teachers who played a key role in supporting this awareness-raising initiative.

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