Stamped Cagou since 1985

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The Cagou - yesterday and today


For this new 2023 notebook produced by Jean-Jacques Mahuteau, discover or rediscover the stamps of the current Cagou series issued since 1985. And even if the Cagou has had   a century of history in Caledonian philately since it appeared for the first time in 1905, let's retrace today 37 years during which it has transformed, adapted and finally revealed itself according to the events and the evolutions of its country.
37 years of adventures for the emblem of New Caledonians

The Cagou stamp underwent several changes between 1985 and 2003. But the biggest modification dates from 1988, with the replacement of the mention “New Caledonia and dependencies” written on the side of the stamp by “New Caledonia”.


The Cagou stamp has undergone several modifications over the years. In 1990, the Cagou was represented in its most natural form, with the beak and legs forward. It was also the first stamp from New Caledonia to be issued as a self-adhesive booklet. In 1997, Jean-Richard Lisiak drew the endemic bird with outstretched wings and the head in profile. The Cagou's feathers represented New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. In 2003, André Lavergne chose to represent the emblem of the country standing, with only the head and the torso visible in a light colour on a coloured background.


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the New Caledonian postal service, Laurence Raumon created the design of this new stamp. The OPT will now publish for the first time                 in its history a lenticular sheet to reveal all the previous cagous. It was in 2016 with the Cagou Werling, (named after Sébastien Werling the winner of a competition) that the Cagou appeared in a much more refined way. Renewed in 2022 with the designer Chloé Chung, it now has the illustration that we know.

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