New Caledonia’s vintage cars

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Since the arrival of the very first car, a French “Georges Richard”, in New Caledonia in 1902 Caledonians have loved cars, and so it was in 2003 that ASPAC, the Association for the Safeguarding of the New Caledonian Automotive Heritage, was created with the aim of bringing this passion to life by ensuring the protection of older models,


At the initiative of the philatelic centre, OPT-NC is now dedicating a souvenir sheet of four stamps to some of the most iconic old models. We owe the design of this block to Jean-Marie Chatelain, secretary of the association, and communication specialist.


Four legendary vehicles


The Willys Jeep: As New Caledonia was one of the largest rear bases for the American army during WW2, the Caledonians have kept a special place in their hearts for this most famous of military all-terrain vehicles.

The Cadillac Eldorado: The admiral of the Cadillac fleet, the example illustrated on this stamp actually belonged to Elvis Presley.

The Peugeot 504: Peugeot, and particularly the 504, are as much a part of the local heritage, as is the horse or the outrigger canoe.

The Volkswagen Beetle: This car was a favourite of New Caledonian youth for several decades. But beyond its popularity, it also showed itself to be an extremely efficient competitor in local rallies and safaris.


ASPAC: first and foremost, a very passionate group of people


ASPAC now has nearly 220 members, many of whom own old models that they restore, renovate, and pamper. They spend a lot of time doing this, and ofttimes go in search of abandoned vehicles in the deep bush and in people’s backyards.


Thanks to the association, these classic cars can be admired every first Sunday of the month in the Sainte-Marie Bay area of Noumea, where ASPAC organizes exhibitions of its members’ cars that always attract a large audience. But the association does not content itself with this, it is very active, and regularly organises rallies and meetings, and makes every effort to respond to the very many requests for participation in other events that it receives.


This stamp block, entitled "New Caledonia through its vintage cars" will be published on 21 September, and will be preceded by the edition of a first-day cover.


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