The lenticular kagu

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Le Cagou Lenticulaire



TAs a fitting celebration not only of the latest postage stamp in the running “Cagou 2009” series but also of the 150th anniversary of New Caledonia’s postal service, the OPT is marking 2009 with the first-time-ever issue of a lenticular stamp booklet including four 150XPF stamps showing New Caledonia’s famous philatelic kagus. Thanks to the lenticular printing process, as you view these animated stamps from different angles, you will see a succession of kagu prints issued in previous years and based on designs by R. Coatantiec, P. Forget, J.-R. Lisiak and A. Lavergne, together with the new kagu created by L. Ramon, prize-winner of the 2009 kagu series design competition. Lenticular stamps are covered by a very thin layer of biodegradable resin in the form of a parallel array of micro-lenses, which allow a different image to appear depending on the viewer’s position. The usual adhesive backing is replaced by a natural tropical gum. To add the finishing touch, the perforations between the stamps in this new booklet were made by one of the latest cutting-edge lasers. Lenticular technology is an astonishing process which allows us not only to create animated stamps but also to transfer short videos or 3D images to stamps. To create this ground-breaking issue, the OPT called on specialised company Art & Stamp, which works with Outeraspect, world leader in the field of lenticular postage stamps.

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26 × 36 × 0 mm
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