Customized prepaid envelope

To emphasize an event, your brand, simply be original, Customize your prepaid envelopes for all your mailings!

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With the Customized Prepaid envelopes, you can communicate on an event, or show your favorite photos on your mail, by selecting the pictures of your choice.

Available in various sizes and different postage rates, this is the "all-in-one" solution for mailing or direct Marketing.

4 good reasons to use the customized prepaid envelope:

  • Envelopes are ready to post
  • Postage remains valid, regardless the rates trends.
  • Volume discount are applied depending on quantities ordered.
  • An all-in-one service: From conception to shipping
1 – Application fee3000 F (pretax value)
2 – Prepaid envelopes= (Quantity ordered x prepaid envelope rate) – discount applied
3 – CustomizationPrice depending on picture format
TOTAL= 1 + 2 + 3


Quantity orderedDiscount applied
From 100 to 9995 %
From 1 000 to 9 9998 %
10 000 and more10 %

More information

Printing times are 15 days after the validation of the ready for press.


A good quality picture will be asked to edit the ready-to-press (simulation of your envelope before printing).

File acceptedJPEG, TIFF, EPS
Format (minimum)640 x 480 pixels